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10 Free Online Code Editors to Work on the Cloud

10 Free Online Code Editors to Work on the Cloud

[*]Code editor is an essential tool for every web designers and developers. There are some tools you may already know, such as Dreamweaver, TextMate, SublimeText 2 or NotePad++ — just to name a few.
However, as web industry is growing rapidly, there are times when our projects are not only done in one computer but also collaboratively across many computers and devices — and sometimes also sharing the codes.
So that, a lot of online code editors have been created to help people working on every computers as long as it is connected to the Internet. And today we would like to share some of the best available in the market and best of all they are also FREE.
Let’s check them out:


jsBin, — as the name suggest — is a specific editor for JavaScript. This editor is best fit for quick prototyping, we can run the code and view the result instantly using the real-time preview feature and saving it afterwards for starting point.
Online Free Code Editor 1


  • Real-time preview.
  • Ability to include popular JavaScript library (jQuery, jQuery UI, Mootools, YUI, etc.).
  • Ability to save & download the code.
  • Error notification.


CodeAnywhere is a convenient online code editors, it supports many popular web format like HTML, PHP, CSS, etc. One of my favorite feature from it is the ability to access and edit my files through FTP and Dropbox, although adding one more feature like Live Preview would make it even better.
Online Code Editor 2


  • Multiple tabs.
  • Ability to connect to Github, Dropbox and FTP.
  • HTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript and XML language support.
  • Cross platform (Desktop and Mobile).


jsFiddle is a great code editor for prototyping, sharing and troubleshooting — specifically for JavaScript. Unlike jsBin, jsFiddle has CSS panel that will allow you to compose CSS code separately. We can also embed the code on our website.
Online Code Editor 3


  • 4 panels available (HTML, JS, CSS & Result).
  • Ability to include popular JavaScript Library.
  • Changeable panel mode (CSS → SCSS, JavaScript → CoffeeScript).
  • Code sharing.


Maqetta is a feature rich web-based IDE, with many familiar ones we can found in a desktop-based text editor, like Tabs, Sidebar, GUI for Cut and Paste the code, etc. If you don’t have stable Internet connection, this editor can also be installed on your own server/localhost.
Online Code Editors 4


Maqetta has an in-depth explanation of its features, so I’m not able to list them one by one, you can read from this page instead.


This one is really awesome and one of my favorite. Unlike the mentioned editors above, this editor also offer popular CMS installation (WordPress, Drupal, Magento), we are able to add database, accessing to the phpMyadmin and we are given FTP account for each new project we’ve created.
Online Code Editor 5


  • Allowed for accessing and publishing through FTP/SSH.
  • Ability to install popular CMS (WordPress, Drupal, etc.) *this is awesome*
  • phpMyAdmin for administration of your MySQL databases  *this is awesome*
  • Support of GIT, SVN, Mercurial.


ShiftEdit is a web-based IDE for HTML, PHP, Ruby, Python, etc. It also offers Code, Split and Design views like the one we found in a desktop-based software.
Online Code Editor 7


  • Support for PHP, Ruby, Python, Perl, Java, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Access and publish files through FTP/SFTP and Dropbox.
  • Real-time syntax debugging.
  • Step back in time with revision history.
  • Code folding, snippets, jump-to-line, bracket closing.


CodeRun Studio is a cross-platform Integrated Development Environment (IDE), designed for the cloud. It enables you to easily develop, debug and deploy web applications using your browser. Source →
Online Text Editor 7


  • C#/.NET, PHP, JavaScript, HTML and CSS.
  • Supports opening and editing Visual Studio® solution/project files.
  • Code Auto-completion.
  • Error review and debugging.


Compilr is an online integrated development environment for programming languages like PHP, C++, Ruby, Java, C# and Visual Basic. Source →


CSSdesk — you can guess from its name — it’s an editor for CSS. If you are a CSS adventurous this tool is definitely for you.
Online Code Editor 9


  • Code Sharing
  • Downloadable codes
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Real-time preview


Cloud9 IDE is an online development environment for Javascript and Node.js applications as well as HTML, CSS, PHP, Java, Ruby and 23 other languages.
Online Code Editor 11


Cloud9 has one page dedicated to explain all their features. See it here


There are many other online IDE and code editors out there and some bloggers also has listed them, like this one from CatsWhoCode, but those in the list are — so far — the best I can find.[Source]

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